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What is GameShard?

Esport, competitive videogames. In the world, a new sport is being developed related to videogames: esports. The term is composed of two words (electronic and sports) and it indicates playing videogames at a competitive level. In this field various actors exist (players, teams, sponsor, publishers, partners, spectators and casters) that allows the ecosystem to exist. Esports are principally based on a series of competitions (tournaments, cups, championships) that can be played both online or offline.

Nowadays, a competition requires that a series of steps are completed. For example, it is required to write the rules, to collect informations of every participant, to organize matches, to handle late stats, disputes, update brackets, etc. GameShard has the objective to simplify all of these actors' life in this ecosystem providing a toolset for each category.

Automatic tournament administration, live production, 24/7 support (human-made), real-time data, automatic brackets with secret seed (called GameShard Score), pre-compiled rules, simplified communication (email, Telegram, Facebook, etc.), automatic advancement of winners, Discord integration and much more. This is what we are producing and what we have been working of during the previous 3 years.

Join the revolution!


GameShard simplifies organizers' life by automating 90% of the tournament management processes.


GameShard connects players, teams, sponsors and partners in a big ecosystem providing open, precise and real-time data.


GameShard allows to rank players based on various parameters providing a score and a rank.





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