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2021-11-21 07:00:00
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Tactician's Fighting League - WINTER 2021 SINGAPORE SPLIT

Attention: To join the Philippine Split of the TFL WINTER 2021. Participants are required to join our Discord first. You have to link your Discord Account to GameShard too. For guides and tutorials, you have to contact the GameShard Support at the lower right corner of your screen.

• Rules

General Rules: General TFL Rules

Mode: FFA

Map: Teamfight Tactics

Theme: Fast-Phase

• Prizes

1st Placer: 5000 RP

2nd Placer: 3000 RP

3rd-4th Placer: 2000 RP

5th-8th Placer: 1000 RP

• Schedule & Registration

Registration: Now until 20th November at 00:00 UTC+8

Tournament: 21st - 25th November

• Country and Residence Restriction

Open only to Philippine Residents only.

People who are banned and have sanctions from LHC OFFICIAL are not allowed to join in LHC-organized events.

• Channel Tournament Broadcast

The tournament will not be broadcasted.

• Partners/Sponsors for LHC FALL 2021

TFL WINTER 2021 is brought to you by Garena and partnered by GameShard.

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